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Invest in your home and more than double your money

´╗┐It's a surprising but very true fact: people will look high and low for new ways to make money but yet there is often far more money to be had by looking a little closer to home. By that I mean your own home. Yep, across the threshold and right through your own front door. It is here that you'll very likely find it - if you look carefully enough.

It's a surprising but very true fact: people will look high and low for new ways to make money but yet there is often far more money to be had by looking a little closer to home. By that I mean your own home. Yep, across the threshold and right through your own front door. It is here that you'll very likely find it - if you look carefully enough.

A little while back we had a property that we were trying to sell. It was a 1930's solid wall property in Greater London. It was in average to good condition. The property was nothing particularly special, I have to admit. But then it was also no better or worse than any other property on the same street. It was your typical average property, let's say. We had the property valued - not a bad price at all - and put it on the market.

Viewing after viewing came and went, and months and months passed and the house just simply would not sell. It was proving a tenacious ole' thing and it looked like we were going to be stuck with it!

It was during this time that I was driving out to see a new client one day at his home. No need for the Sat Nav; I was quite familiar with the area: You go straight to the end of this road, take a left at the old ... the old crumbly house on the corner? Hang on a minute, where has the crumbly old house gone?' I stopped the car and got out.

In front of me a stunning new house (a grand house) forcefully induced a gaze of awe. In contrast to what used to be here (and its surrounding properties, I have to add) this pristine, white gleaming and detail perfect new home stood out magnificently. The crumbly old, grey property was gone, supplanted by a superb new home that anyone would be proud to own. I couldn't take my eyes off it; it must have been worth a fortune. This was strange - literally just over one week ago the familiar crumbly, old grey house was here. It had always been here. In one week it is impossible to build such a grand new home - where had it gone?

Time was getting on and I had a client to meet. I noticed a company sign on a board within the grounds, took down the web address and went on my way again. My entire drive was spent mind-clutched about the magnificence of that brand new home, its grandeur, its appealing, stand-out brilliant whiteness and clean, sharp lines and perfect period details. As much as I was awed I was equally as perplexed as to how such a vivid statement of excellence could be built in such an impossibly short time scale. Little did I know that later that evening at my computer the 'deception' would become so succinctly clear!

So, what 'lies and deceit' did I discover, you are keen to know? Well, to be honest (now that I have since adopted what I learned to my own property, sold it almost immediately afterwards AND more than DOUBLED MY INVESTMENT) I have to say more accurately that I merely discovered very clever, technologically advanced external rendering systems and retro-fit facade accessories and features. Actually, they're not clever - they are really, really clever!

Here's what happened: I visited the website and then contacted the specialist company - the company whose sign I saw on the grounds of that amazing, grand and stunning new home that day whilst driving out to visit a client. A representative of the company visited my property and explained in detail exactly what render systems and retro-fit facade features they incorporated on that old, grey crumbly house and exactly how they ever so simply transformed it visually into a stunning, brand-new looking period property with that remarkable 'edge of grandeur'. I stressed that I wanted the exact same level of wow and kerb appeal carried out to my own property. In 9 days the works were done. After refurbishment works I had our property revalued (with the increased difference being almost 3 times what I invested in the external refurbishment!) Okay, let me give you real figures - that's an extra 10K profit in my pocket. We were back on the market for only 16 days and received 3 offers in that time.

We did accept an offer and the exchange was carried out. Mission accomplished. Looking back at it now, I 'almost' feel a reluctance to have sold. They really did transform our property so magnificently that I can say it is categorically and emphatically the best looking property I have ever owned. It is mind blowing what they can actually do. Totally amazing. I will most certainly be doing the same thing again with other properties. So, if like me, you have a property you want to budge, if you want to more than double your investment then call them for an assessment.

Visit the links below. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did!

Solar Energy Window Conserves Energy

´╗┐Setting up window films takes very less time as it is an extremely simple procedure. Individuals can obtain them quickly mounted with the help of video clip instruction provided by the dealers. With step by step guidelines it comes to be an extremely simple procedure to mount window films. It's just an issue of a couple of hours to set up window films and also one could give total remodeling to the location by getting tint rolls or precut tint set and installing the in houses as well as

Solar control films are preferred home addition. These glass window films supply a number of benefits and also individuals are installing them with wonderful eagerness. The advantages used by them are described below:brbrEnergy savingsbrThese films additionally help in keeping a tab on the energy expenses. They assist to decrease heat and also glare and for that reason they reduce the dependence on central air conditioning. During the hot scorching summer times, they maintain the temperature inside the office or home reduced by not allowing the heat from outside to go into. They decrease warmth and as a result there are no hot spots which trigger a lot of uneasy living as well as working problems.brbrEnhance the total appearance of the housebrThe solar control films enhance the appearance of your home to a fantastic extent. The consistent appearance of the house or the building gives it a visual look and also includes an enchanting interest the house.brbrLower HeatbrThis is the largest benefit used by the solar control films. They obstruct heat up to 99% as well as therefore lower the lots on air conditioning system.brbrCut GlowbrThese films aid to cut the irritating glare as much as 93% which is a reason for major concern for home-owners as well as in offices. While in your home, they assist to earn the people live conveniently without frequently coping the bothersome warmth. At workplace, it supplies the workers a comfy working environment. This helps them to boost their efficiency and eventually their performance increases.brbrSecure the home furnishingsbrThe solar control films avoid the items in the house and also office from straight exposure to sunlight. The drapes, drapes, sofa sets, wood furnishings and also electronic times, if subjected to guide sunlight it weaken at a quicker price.brbrTint shops could buy from suppliers on-line with ease as well as convenience. They market high quality tint rolls or tint sets at affordable costs as well as from reputed suppliers.brbrSolar tint preserves power. Setting up window tint is a clever and also efficient method to save power and conserve cash. Windows without heat reflective tint are typically the biggest resource of warmth gain in a house as well as office. This warm gain likewise triggers unequal temperatures in an area. Tint from Solar Control Films will certainly preserve energy, stop radiant heat, improve your convenience, stop radian heat, Block UV ray, reduce glow, reduce hot spots near home windows and conserve you money.brbrLet's obtain technical: Metalized tint obstructs approximately 88% of the solar power from entering your workplace or residence. This decreases the load on your air conditioning system as well as conserves power. A film with a shading coefficient of.18 such as Twin Reflective 5% will certainly preserve approximately 12.5 kWh of power each year per square foot in Houston, Texas. A consumer that pays $.16 each kWh will certainly save an estimated $2.00 annually per square foot of colored glass when there is a reliable A/C system. A consumer will save even more with a much less reliable COOLING AND HEATING system.brbrOffices and also homes with 3,000 square feet of home windows with reflective solar tint could conserve as high as $6,000 annually. Solar window film could decrease the peak demand on electrical utilities because window film saves energy between 10 AM and also 4 PM when energy need is at its highest possible. Additionally, the reduced overall power intake resulting from window film reduces the need for new Carbon Dioxide generating power facilities, consequently resulting in lowered emissions and also a smaller general carbon impact.brSolar energy shutters are run by a solar tubular motor, and this environmentally-friendly system is powered by small, lightweight solar batteries that can be connected to the window shutter pelmet, on a nearby wall surface, or on the roofing system of your residence. They are inconspicuous as well as small in size, and also the stand-alone system can be installed swiftly and also conveniently, suggesting that property owners also minimize the expense of an electrical expert. brbrMany energy mindful family members have made the selection to install roller shutters in order to reduce the amount of power called for to warmth or cool their houses, and also this new development in window shutter operation indicates that they could currently have the ease and ease of remote operation without making use of keys electrical energy, more reducing their carbon emissions.brbrFor those that understand their domestic carbon footprint, as well as who are cost-sensitive at the same time, solar power roller shutters are an exceptional selection, as they protect your house from heat and cold, are easy to use and also set up, as well as don't place a further drain on your power bills. These Solar Control Window Films are offered in at this site Give us a call for free estimate.